・Accommodation & Studio

HANC provides artists with residential facilities and bicycles during their staying period. Accommodation is a traditional Japanese rural house that can be shared by up to three to four artists. Common room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities are shared with other people. There are some restaurants and stores for daily consuming items near the house. The facility is still being renovated. But artist will be able to meet a number of local resident and creative people during the period.

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・Commonly scheduled activities

Around the first week of the month, we will have a welcome party and a presentation night to introduce and know each other, we also plan to take the artists on a tour in central Hagi two or three times. On the last weekend before they leave, artists will have their own exhibitions at the Residence house (or local theater). If artists are interested in having a workshop to local, we are welcome to help.

・Fees and expenses

The artist will pay 25,000 JPY for official period of 4 weeks of stay but we can make a discount if you help our house renovation, farm, blog updates and so on. It is possible to stay for a longer period, if you wish. The payment for their stay can be paid in cash upon arrival.
*Please note that any daily expenses including food and transport, daily consuming items and art supply are not covered in our residence fee. If artists want to try their exhibition at local theater, you need additional payment.

Shall we try to create an environment where imagination and local life co-exist?